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The phatIO project has finished, and I'm no longer selling ready made boards - but you're welcome to look around - send any questions to the email below

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Future Functionality

The following are some of the items being developed or planned. Please use the forum to discuss planned or desired functionality or email

Arbitrary file IO


Ability to import lio functionality from prebuilt libraries, for example:

(import /etc/extrans/ht16k33.lio)

Or define specific drivers:

(use ht16k33 <devicefile> <address>)

To create a device file PHATIO/io/dev/devicefile that maps to an ht16k33 display with the given TWI address.

##Configurable Keyboard Rate Set the delay between key strokes from config.

##Read devices Device files that can be read


phatIO does have a USB serial device built in but is disabled.

Need concrete examples of how this would this be used:

  1. (serial_send) function equivalent of keyboard/twi/spi functions?
  2. (serial_driver ) fuction to process data received from host computer?

##Interrupts In place of current polling digital conditions (although interface would remain the same)

##Servo Control on any pin, work started but pulled before beta release.

Better Error Handling and Reporting

Including line numbers. Watchdog timer for runaway code

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