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Allows phatIO functionality to be customized, only a few items are available currently. These are listed and described in “PHATIO/etc/config” They are not listed here to ensure consistency.

##(config <address> <value> [permanent=0] ) [config]

Set the config value with the given address to the value. If a third argument is specified and equals 1 the config value will be persisted otherwise the the value will revert to the default after the next power cycle.

For example:

(config 1 1)
(config 1 1 0)

Would both set the config item with address 1 to a value of 1, but not persist it. Meaning that after removing power it will revert to the default value of 0.

(config 1 1 1)

Would set the value to 1 persistently and the following would set the value to 0 and persist it.

(config 1 0 1)

To set all config values to the default save the following line to run.lio

(config 0 1 1)

Then delete it from the file and unplug and plugin phatIO. The config entry has to be removed from run.lio so it won’t run again when phatIO starts.

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